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Becoming a Powerful Coach and MentorWhen you coach and/or mentor a person you are often one word away from total success or total failure. It’s the difference between a committed follower and a disrespectful rebel. The key to successful coaching is being skilled at:

  • Building trust
  • Motivating
  • Providing insight and lessons tailored to the individual’s needs

To do that requires knowing how to use words to paint a picture of success for the person being coached.

It requires

using the right words

for the right lesson

at the right time and

spoken in the right way to achieve the desired result of enlightenment.

The words have to be used not to tell the person, but to lead them to self-discovery of the lesson to be imparted.




Becoming a Powerful Coach and MentorLearning to master the ability as a coach and mentor to develop people to their peak performance is lot like learning to master playing pool. Coaching English is the term for learning the techniques in history of billiards.  The definition is English for Billiards:  A spinning motion imparted to a ball, especially in billiards.You have to learn how to foresee the necessary delivery path; in pool it’s putting the correct ball in the pocket. When coaching, it’s using the right words and the right focus in the right way, to get to the result you are after. It’s just as strategic as pool and requires the same ability at putting English on your words as you do to the ball in the pocket!




Becoming a Powerful Coach and MentorCoaching is learning how to use words as tools to create an atmosphere that supports and promotes the lessons being imparted. It’s delivering the message through the coachee’s understanding and beliefs to ensure acceptance, acquisition, and retention! It’s having the skills to put the right English on the information to lead the coachee to self-discovery and personal growth.

At coaching English our goal is to educate and enlighten our visitors with the methods, tools and techniques of becoming a master coach for anyone pursuing any goals. The information is pulled largely from the Team-builder Leadership Institute’s Goals, Structure, and Culture (GSC) Leadership Standard and Style and shares the key steps and skills to become an adept user of verbal English producing powerful and positive coaching results!


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